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Wan Chai

Rosy was respectful and consultative whilst advising on best practice. I know I had too much stuff and not enough space or time. Rosy was extremely helpful and efficient in helping me sort through my troubled zones - wardrobe, kitchen and bathroom. 

Rosy was able to help me utilise the space based on my preferences and needs. Although a bit daunting having to categorise items on what I wanted to keep or discard, it was a much needed exercise to help improve the usability and overall look and feel. 

It was a delight working with Rosy and I highly recommend Clean and Rosy. Thanks for creating a happy, tidy and functional home. I now know exactly what I have and have maintained all the simplified organising and styling. I can’t wait to have you back!


The truth is, I always thought I would be the best person to organise my own house. Sporadically motivated by the latest fads but frequently too busy with work and life to get it all done in one go and that’s actually what I needed. I had the benefit of knowing Rosy personally before she started this venture and I willingly gave her creative freedom. I trusted that she understood my brief, taste and budget. 

Even though I knew she’d do a good job, I was still surprised by how amazing it looked. Especially as she got it all done in one day (something I’ve been trying to fix for two years... )! It also made me realise that I didn’t want to wait any longer to have a perfectly organised house so I got my kitchen done right after. Thank you Rosy!



Mid Levels

I have been so happy with the closet and bookshelf reorganisation and I am thankful for the work Rosy has done. She started by asking all the right questions to determine the most appropriate solutions for our organising challenges. Once the initial set-ups were done, it has been easy to maintain.

Rosy has created better clarity in the way I use the space,  we now understand where we should store things and why. It has already paid off in all the time I have saved looking for misplaced things. Everything looks neater and is much more functional.  

I highly recommend it to anyone who feels overwhelmed by what needs to be done to sit down with Rosy!  She will make an enormous difference in your life!


Mid Levels




Hung Hom

One of the messiest parts of my home is the kitchen. Kitchens in Hong Kong are small and if you're unorganized like me, the space can feel even smaller.

Rosy re-organized my fridge, cabinets and countertop surfaces. The first benefit of her work surprised me because it wasn't what I expected. Having an organized kitchen is so visually appealing to the eye that it made me feel happy. How much is happiness worth to you? 

Positive emotions aside, I had much more space, cleaning was much easier and I was able to save money because I could see everything in my fridge (I used to have multiple jars of the same item because they were out of sight, hidden behind other things). 

The process was also very easy. I booked a free consultation with her, she came and took measurements, gave me a quote, bought the gear and installed everything. 

The organized kitchen also inspired me to clean up other parts of my home. Happy to say that my living room and dining room match the kitchen now. You won't be sorry going with clean and Rosy.

Thx again Rosy!



Kennedy Town

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