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White Meeting Room

Step One: 


A complimentary consultation is offered to all clients and will require the following:

In Person

  • A walk-through of your space(s)

  • Discuss the problem areas, goals and budget

  • Measurements

  • Decide if new storage items need to be purchased


  • Send photos with measurements of the space via email or WhatsApp

  • Video or phone call to discuss the problem areas, goals and budget

  • Decide if new storage items need to be purchased

Personal Desk

Step Two: 

Plan & Quote

After the consultation, the information gathered will be used to create a plan with a timeline for completion and estimated cost for the project.  This will be sent over for approval before any purchases are made.


  • Brainstorm ideas for new layouts and room configurations

  • Source all suitable storage items and send to client for approval

  • Estimate a timeline for delivery of products


  • Calculate the total time to complete the project

  • Calculate the total cost of products to be purchased

  • Send quote and organisation plan to client for approval

Topview of Folded Scarves

Step Three: 


Once approved, it's time to choose a date and time for the organisation to begin!

Services Include:

  • Decluttering

  • Installation and assembly of any storage systems purchased for the project

  • Execution of the organisation plan and implementing storage systems that increase accessibility and maximize space efficiency

  • Custom labels (as requested)

  • Tips to maintain your newly organised space

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